This calculator helps you estimate the financial impact of lice in your flock.
    1. Select the Degree of Lice Infestation from the drop down list*,
    2. Insert your flock information into the other yellow fields,
    3. The calculator will then estimate the cost of lice infestation on your flock.
* Light infestation = less that 1 louse/parting; Medium infestation = 1-5 lice/parting; Heavy infestation = greater than 5 lice/parting
Lice Free Sheep Lousy Sheep
Degree of Lice Infestation
Number of Sheep in Mob
Percentage of Mob Infested (%)
Greasy Fleece Weight (kg)
Wool Scouring Yield (%)
Clean Fleece Weight (kg)
Price (cents)/kg Clean

Fleece Value ($)/Sheep
Fleece Value Reduction ($)/Head Infested
Fleece Value Reduction (%)/Head Infested
Total Estimated Cost/Mob
For the best lice treatment options for your situation download the Sheep Lice Flow Chart