Coopers Diazinon

Used as a dressing for the control of Blowfly (Lucilia cuprina)strike on struck sheep and as dressing for marking wounds. For the control of lice and buffalo fly on cattle, lice on goats, lice and mange on pigs

Coopers Diazinon

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  • Provides an effective dressing of flystrike in sheep, control of lice and buffalo fly on cattle, lice on goats; and lice and mange on pigs in a single product.
  • Rapid knockdown against target parasite

Trade Advice

Category: External Parasites
Species: Beef and Dairy Cattle, Sheep and Other Species
Active: 200g/L Diazinon
Pack Size: 5L
Withholding Periods: Meat = (cattle) 3 days / (Sheep, goats and pigs)14 days, ESI = (Cattle) back spray 3 days, back rubber 10 days (Sheep) 21 days, Milk = (Cattle) Nil / (Sheep) do not use if milk or milk products may be used for human consumption/ (Goats) Milk taken from goats within 48 hours following treatment must not be used for human consumption, Wool = 2 months before shearing or fibre collection
Storage: Store below 30 degrees
APVMA: 62353

Dose Rate

Sheep Strike dressing: 5ml/1L water as a hand dressing. Cattle, Goat and Pig Lice and Pig Mange: 250ml/100L water as a Hand Spray Cattle Buffalo Fly (WA, NSW, QLD ONLY): 500ml/10L oil in a backrubber