Scanda Mineralised

An anthelmintic solution containing levamisole and oxfendazole for the control of gastrointestinal nematodes in sheep and lambs, including macrocyclic lactone, levamisole or benzimidazole resistant strains susceptible to this product and to supplement diets which may be deficient in selenium, cobalt and zinc.

Scanda Mineralised

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  • A dual action concentrated drench containing both levamisole and oxfenbendazole.
  • Provides protection agaist lungworm and tapeworms.
  • Larvicidal activity ensures immature worms do not develop into adult parasites.
  • Effective 6 hours after drenching, with residual activity against ingested larvae developing within 24 hours. Therefore isolate sheep for 6 hours before turning out onto clean pasture.

Trade Advice

Category: Internal Parasites
Species: Sheep
Active: 80g/L Levamisole, 45.3g/L Oxfendazole, 8.6g/L Zinc (EDTA), 2.9g/L Cobalt (EDTA) 2.4g/L Sodium Selenate (Selenium)
Pack Size: 10L
Withholding Periods: Meat = 10 days. ESI = 14 days. Milk = Do not use in female sheep which are producing or will in the future produce milk for human consumption
Storage: Store below 30 degrees
APVMA: 52607

Dose Rate

1mL per 10kg live weight