Ovilis Campyvax®


Campylobacter is endemic to all sheep producing areas of Australia and is known to cause abortion in sheep leading to reduced lamb marking performance1,2,3.

Across all sheep operations there are many risk factors that increase the exposure and outbreak of Campylobacter abortions on your property.

Known Risk FactorsSigns Of Disease
Joining maiden or ewe lambsAbortions and stillborn lambs
Trail feeding pregnant ewesWeak or unviable lambs
Cell grazing pregnant ewesBlood stained breeches
Containment feeding pregnant ewesReabsorbed foetus identified at scanning
Buying / transporting new ewes onto the farm  Poor scanning to marking percentage
Large gap between maidens and the main flock

If you have identified any of these risks on your farm you may benefit from vaccinating with CAMPYVAX prior to joining. CAMPYVAX offers producers an average return of 9% more lambs on the ground in maiden ewes4.


Flexible vaccination program allows for easy integration into many joining programs across a range of sheep enterprises.

1st dose: Up to 8 weeks prior to joining; 2nd dose: 3 – 8 weeks after first dose. Annual booster before joining for previously vaccinated ewes.


When used over successive seasons on maiden ewes you can be confident that incremental lamb losses and cyclical abortion outbreaks can be minimised through vaccination.


  • High return rate of 9% more lambs on average in maiden ewes3.
  • Low cost investment to protect lambing performance.
  • Avoiding cyclical abortion storms can save up to 50% losses in that year5.

Always read label directions for use before vaccination

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  • Campylobacter is a bacterial infection affecting ewes in late pregnancy and can result in significant loss of lambs between scanning and marking.
  • Campylobacter can cause abortions, still births and the birth of weak non-viable lambs.
  • Aids in control of reproductive losses against two Campylocbacter strains; C. jejuni and C. fetus fetus.

Trade Advice

Category: Specialty Vaccine
Species: Sheep
Active: Inactivated whole cell preparations of Campylobacter jejuni and Campylobacter fetus fetus
Pack Size: 250 mL, 500mL
Withholding Periods: Meat = Nil, Milk = Nil, ESI = Not required
Storage: Store between 2°C – 8°C (Refrigerate. Do not freeze)
APVMA: 61563

Not for use in ewes which are severely debilitated or stressed.

Dose Rate

2mL subcutaneous injection. Unvaccinated ewes: 2 injections pre-joining a minimum 3 weeks apart. Previously vaccinated ewes: Annual booster before joining