Tasvax 5 in 1 + Selenium

Clostridial vaccine for protection against Pulpy Kidney, Black Disease, Tetanus, Blackleg and Malignant Oedema in sheep, goats and cattle and to protect against selenium deficiency in lambs.

Tasvax 5 in 1 + Selenium


  • CLOSTRIDIAL VACCINE for the active immunisation against:
  • Pulpy Kidney, Enterotoxaemia (Clostridium perfringens Type D)
  • Blackleg (Clostridium chauvoei)
  • Malignant Oedema (Clostridium septicum)
  • Black Disease, Swelled Head in rams (Clostridium novyi Type B)
  • Tetanus (Clostridium tetani) in sheep, cattle and goats.
  • Primary course of 2 vaccinations 4 – 6 weeks apart.
  • Full protection develops within 14 days from the second dose.
  • Studies have shown duration of immunity of 12 months is achieved by following the recommended vaccination program. In areas where the risk from C. novyi type B (Black Disease, Swelled Head in rams) is high, seasonal boosters may be required.
  • The protection afforded to lambs against selenium deficiency is short term only (Up to 12 weeks).

Trade Advice

Category: Clostridial Vaccine
Species: Sheep, Goats and Beef and Dairy Cattle
Active: Clostridium perfringens (type D), Cl novyi (type B), Cl chauvoei, Cl septicum, Cl tetani, 0.5g/L Selenium (as sodium selenate)
Pack Size: 500mL
Withholding Periods: Meat = Nil, Milk = Nil, ESI = Nil
Storage: Store between 2°C – 8°C (Refrigerate. Do not freeze)
APVMA: 61165

Dose Rate

Subcutaneous injection only. Cattle 4mL per head. Sheep 2mL per head. Goats 2mL per head. Requires an initial course of 2 injections 4-6 weeks apart followed by an annual booster. Refer to label for information regarding timing of vaccination prior to parturition.