Nilzan LV

For the control of Levamisole susceptible Roundworms and Liver Fluke in sheep and cattle. Also assists in the removal of Tapeworm segments in sheep and lambs.

Nilzan LV


  • Convenient one drench controls roundworm and adult liver fluke
  • Assists in removal of tapeworm segments.

Trade Advice

Category: Internal Parasites
Species: Beef and Dairy Cattle and Sheep
Active: 150g/L Oxyclozanide 75g/L Levamisole hydrochloride
Pack Size: 2L, 5L
Withholding Periods: Meat (sheep, cattle) = 14 days, ESI (sheep, cattle) = 14 days, Milk (Cattle) = Nil, Milk (Sheep) = do not use in ewes where milk may be used for human consumption
Storage: Store below 30 degrees
APVMA: 36089

Do not treat dogs or horses

Dose Rate

Sheep 1mL per 10kg live weight. Cattle 5mL per 45kg live weight.