Test flocks to assist drench decisions...18 January 2008
Test flocks to assist drench decisions Darkan farmer kills sheep lice in one hit Wandering farmers rotate to diazinon Pinkeye vaccine boosts feedlot productivity...
Pinkeye Vaccine for Cattle – Now Available in Australia6 November 2007
Coopers Animal Health is proud to announce the launch of the first commercially available vaccine against pinkeye in Australian cattle. ...
New vaccine for preventing Pinkeye in cattle6 November 2007
Australian cattle producers can now take preventative action against one of the worst and most unpredictable infectious diseases of livestock – pinkeye. ...
Animal Health Solutions - December 20069 January 2007
- Off-shears lice control preferred at Wandering - Information days sharpen techniques - Wickepin farmer turns to combination drench...
Advertorial: Improving Cattle performance at Dowerin20 October 2006
A lot of other farmers have been using the Permatrace with their sheep around here and they have been going well....
New sheep vaccine improves lambing percentages16 October 2006
A NEW sheep vaccine that has helped control lamb loss in New Zealand and increase lamb marking by 9 per cent has recently been registered and released to Australian farmers....
New knockdown option to hit blowflies this spring16 October 2006
Coopers released its new ‘Coopers Blowfly and Lice Jetting Fluid’ in October. The product comes in cost-effective 5-litre packs and once diluted 1:500 is applied at a minimum rate .....
Advetorial - Lice strategy package for farmers31 August 2006
Lice strategy package for farmers Cattle trace element application made easy New gun improves vaccinations at Dandaragan...
ELITE (e-Learning Interactive Training & Education)13 December 2005
ELITE (e-Learning Interactive Training & Education) is a newly launched Coopers Animal Health initiative designed for salespeople within the animal health industry. The website.....
Coopers® Sovereign® Changes the Rules in the Fight Against Fluke11 January 2005
Coopers Animal Health has changed all the rules in the fight against liver fluke following the launch of their new and exciting product, Coopers Sovereign Pour-on Flukicide a.....
In the fight against liver fluke in cattle, Schering-Plough Animal Health Australia have changed all the rules11 January 2005
Schering-Plough Animal Health in Australia has changed all the rules in the fight against liver fluke in cattle following the launch of their new and exciting product, Cooper.....
WA's newest animal health team helping to improve livestock profits21 September 2004
According to WA's newest, specialist animal health team Jason McKie and Floyd Sullivan from Coopers, WA sheep producers now have a new weapon in the fight against resistant w.....
Backlining Benefits at Boddington21 September 2004
LOWER wool production, quality and final returns due to a heavy lice infestation two years ago prompted Boddington woolgrower Terry Salmeri to make backlining an annual flock.....
Coopers products are available through Elders, Landmark, CRT and NRI21 September 2004
IMPROVED returns from most livestock commodities is triggering a move back to stock on many WA farm here to read more ...
Paramax Pour On: Registered safety claim for Earthworm and Dung Beetle populations.16 March 2004
The Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) has recently approved new safety claims for Coopers Paramax Pour-On in relation to dung beetle and earthworm po.....
Innovative Technology Adopted to Assist Tick Control16 March 2004
Coopers Amitik Cattle Dip and Spray has been repackaged into new 500 gm water soluble here to read more ...
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