Cost of calf scours calculator

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Herd Size  
Incidence  % 
Cost of lost bobby calf sales (per calf) $ 
Cost of replacing a joined 2 yr old heifer or lost heifer sales $ 
Cost of rearing calf to 2 years old (per cow) $ 

Economic Cost of Calf Scours
Herd size
Average calves per annum
Average number with calf scours
Cost of Treatment : including labour electrolytes and antibiotics ($25/sick calf)
18% incidence
Average mortality from calf scours Total :8
Male : 4
Female :4
Lost bobby calf sales
4 X $50
Replacement heifer cost
4 X $2000
Cost of raising heifer
4 X $950
Cost of Calf Scours per Calving $5200/herd $26/cow
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